Mechanical Design Services

While well-designed, mechanical services such as heating, ventilation, and cooling can go unnoticed. These essential services help make apartments and/or offices attractive to tenants, and hotels appealing to guests. At their best, they are resource-efficient and easy to control/maintain, as well as adaptable.

Services Overview

The mechanical engineers at Whitecode provide simple yet well-engineered solutions that deliver comfort that lasts. Our experience encompasses passive and energy-efficient solutions which contribute to sustainable building design, as well as appraisal and retrofit for better-performing services in existing buildings.

We integrate mechanical, electrical and public health engineering to deliver complete building services for projects of all types, from a 44 storey residential tower in Docklands to an office in Stansted.

Whitecode works with our clients to create buildings that meet both their requirements and aspirations, whilst also giving value for money and performance. We pride ourselves on that fact that we always go the extra mile to deliver everything promised.

As such, our mechanical engineers regularly collaborate with other team professionals, either in-house or in the wider team, in order to deliver a stress-free process.

Above and Beyond

At Whitecode, if a solution requires us to think ‘outside the box’, create a prototype or test a solution, we can help. Many of our most innovative designs, we have travelled the world to deliver.

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