Industry Sectors

  • Data Centres

    Whitecode provides consultancy from concept design through to construction, ensuring client satisfaction throughout, and fully understanding the importance of redundancy and the seamless transition to stand-by service. This includes both new build data...

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  • Education

    A comfortable, healthy and productive environment is paramount within educational buildings. Students and teachers alike spend long hours within classrooms, so it is imperative that the internal environment is comfortable and healthy, optimising conditions...

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  • Healthcare

    Providing services to buildings within the healthcare sector is more than about completing a job on time and to a high quality. It is also about putting the needs of the patient at the forefront of delivery, as well as managing expectations of stakeholders.

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  • Heritage

    England has some of the finest architectural heritage in the world. These buildings are often loved by locals, provide focal points that people can relate to and can attract people to the area in which they reside. It is important that every effort be made...

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  • Hotels, Care Homes & Halls

    The comfort of the occupant/resident is paramount when considering services within hotels, care homes and halls of residence. Whitecode has been involved in the mechanical and electrical services design for a number of these buildings over the years.

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  • Leisure

    Whitecode have been involved in the mechanical and electrical design of a number of leisure facilities and stadia, from small gyms to swimming pools, sports halls to stadia. Sport and leisure facilities are high users of energy with lighting, ventilation,...

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  • Mixed Use - Residential, Retail & Office

    Mixed-use developments combining residential, commercial and industrial areas, are becoming increasingly popular due to the various benefits they provide, such as more affordable and diverse housing, easy access to shops and reduced distances to workplaces...

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  • Offices

    At Whitecode we understand that a healthy working environment and therefore building is paramount for occupant welfare.

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  • Public Sector

    Government buildings often hold a listed or heritage status, comprising of outdated building services systems that are not necessarily designed to the current requirements of modern technologies. The expertise of our colleagues across other heritage sites, as...

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  • Residential

    ​Whitecode have over 30 years experience working on large scale residential developments, integrating expertise in mechanical, electrical and public health engineering, as well as sustainability and utilities consultation.

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  • Restaurants & Bars

    Whitecodes experience within the commercial sector has led to providing building services design and consultancy for restaurants and bars covering mechanical, electrical, public health design as well as fire consultancy and sustainability assessments.

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  • Retail

    The retail sector consists of five basic types of buildings; supermarkets, superstores, distribution centres, shopping centres and mixed-use developments. Careful consideration needs to be taken during the building services design for retail units, with build...

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