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  • Whitepaper: Carbon Neutral Buildings

    This Whitepaper reflects on implementation strategies for the decarbonisation of buildings.

  • Whitecode Part O

    Built for people first: Sustainable Liveable Homes

    This Whitepaper discusses feedback surrounding Part O, with input from designers, building physicists, simulation experts and CIBSE members.

  • CPD for CCTV, Access Control, Satellite and Firm Alarms1

    CPD: CCTV, Access Control, Satellite, Fire Alarms

    This CPD covers the fundamental components and design requirements for CCTV, access control, satellite and Fire alarms. 

  • Mechanical Fit Out and Testing of Dwellings CPD

    CPD for Mechanical Fit Out & Testing of Dwellings

    This CPD discusses heating distribution in dwellings and approved document F.

  • Foul and surface water drainage CPD

    CPD for Foul and Surface Water Drainage

    This CPD looks at foul and surface water drainage within residential developments in the UK.

  • CPD for Electric Car Charging

    CPD for Electric Car Charging

    This CPD explains the use of electric car charging points, including requirements, examples, bay allocation and billing.

  • CPD for substations and LV

    CPD for Substations and LV Distribution

    This CPD covers the implementation of substations and low voltage distribution in multi-dwelling residential developments.

  • Primary Infrastructure and Distribution Pipework CPD

    CPD for Primary Infrastructure and Distribution...

    This CPD explains distribution pipework in primary infrastructure.

  • Electrical Fit Out Apartments

    CPD for Electrical Fit Out Apartments

    This CPD covers electric fit-outs and installations, including requirements and checklists for first, second and final fix. 

  • Modern Methods of Construction

    CPD on Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

    This CPD offers an introduction to what MMC is and different examples of pre-fabricated structures. 


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