Mixed Use - Residential, Retail & Office

Mixed-use developments combining residential, commercial and industrial areas, are becoming increasingly popular due to the various benefits they provide, such as more affordable and diverse housing, easy access to shops and reduced distances to workplaces and amenities.​

New guidelines have been published providing guidance around managing mixed-use developments and highlighting the importance of sustainable, viable and effective design.

Whitecode have been involved with a wide range of projects, from urban regeneration to large scale residential-led developments encompassing large and small retail units, office spaces, leisure facilities, cinemas, high-rise offices and hotels.

We have an excellent understanding of both residential and commercial developments, with a broad range of expertise in both independent systems and systems working in harmony with one another.

Whitecode provides creative and innovative solutions to ensure buildings are comfortable as well as easy to control and maintain, which is paramount when considering a mixed-use scheme.

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