Interior Lighting Design

Interior Lighting Design

Lighting can create focal points, enhance architectural features and enable the undertaking of tasks, so it is a very important aspect of design within both internal and external environments.

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  • ISO 45001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • CIBSE Heat Networks Consultant

Good lighting design will enhance a building’s architectural features or its exterior landscape features. It is not functional, uniform, harsh and bright or boring, it plays with light and dark, it is subtle and draws the eye. It enhances a particular feature like a tree or some steps in a clever way to give a building added interest or to create a focal point. Good lighting design can really bring a building to life.

We design and install lighting systems that are innovative and imaginative. We don’t just create a concept, we integrate a lighting design into a building’s services seamlessly, so that every element works, from lighting controls to future maintenance. As engineers you can also be assured that all our lighting schemes are compliant with the relevant regulations and standards.

At Whitecode our experts create 3D models to ensure that our clients can see how a lighting scheme will look in their building before a light fitting is even bought. The 3D model can be viewed via a VR Headset, tablet, mobile or computer.

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Why work with Whitecode?

At Whitecode, we live by the philosophy of providing value by design. Our specialism is in Mechanical and Electrical engineering, but people are at the heart of everything we do. Fulfilling our client’s needs is the driver of our business. Our directors take a hands-on approach to projects, allowing us to provide high-quality, sustainable solutions and consultation services tailored to our clients unique needs.

Whitecode believes in giving back. In line with our values, we have an in-house apprenticeship scheme to train and give young people an opportunity to progress by training them as engineers.  Our directors are highly involved with our apprentices, giving them first-hand access to a wealth of engineering experience. This is part of our vision to create a happy workforce with a desire to deliver excellence.

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