12 Jun 2024

With the need for smart buildings increasing each year, it’s essential that contractors, building designers and architects utilise the latest technology and expertise to improve building safety and quality.

With the need for smart buildings increasing each year, it’s essential that contractors, building designers and architects utilise the latest technology and expertise to improve building safety and quality. The global standard for smart buildings, WIREDSCORE and SMARTSCORE certifications help developers and property owners build smart buildings that drive cost efficiency and meet high standards of sustainability. As one of only 24 accredited SMARTSCORE and WIREDSCORE professionals in the UK, Whitecode’s William Auloni reveals the important role these certifications will play in the building industry in the future.

The demand for better built and smarter buildings means architects, designers and contractors need to focus on not only sustainability, buildability and cybersecurity but also connectivity, occupant wellbeing and telecommunications.

With that in mind, WIREDSCORE and SMARTSCORE certifications provide clarity on what constitutes a smart building, guidance on how to achieve the status and proof of the value it adds to an asset.

They do this by assessing each building against the benefits and outcomes expected of a smart building, scoring the user stories implemented and assessing the technology, procedures and processes that support their implementation. Doing so means the building will be set up to meet the expectations of occupiers and be future-ready to improve user functionality.

Helping to attract and retain occupiers

In a highly competitive market, especially in major towns and cities, attracting and retaining residents and commercial occupants is increasingly gaining importance. Achieving certifications from WIREDSCORE and SMARTSCORE can help to position any property owners or commercial brands as technology and sustainability focused.

As a result, occupants are more likely to be attracted to the property and then just as likely to want to stay there long term.

Meeting superior quality and sustainability standards

The biggest benefit of WIREDSCORE and SMARTSCORE certification is that building developers will be provided with all the tools and data they need to ensure they are managing and delivering technology effectively throughout the building.

Having instant access to all relevant tools will help specifiers and developers meet the ever-evolving demands of occupiers and build cutting-edge smart buildings that drive cost efficiency, are future-ready and meet incredibly high standards of sustainability.

Furthermore, doing so could enhance trust and increase the likelihood they are retained by the end user in the future.

Increasing investor confidence

Paying close attention to WIREDSCORE and SMARTSCORE certification can enable building developers and housebuilders to demonstrate to investors and the wider market that the asset is being designed and built with future sustainability and building demands in mind.

Put simply, the better designed and more sustainability-focused the building, the more attractive the property and the developer will be in the future.

With sustainability increasingly coming into focus in the built environment, it’s imperative that building owners, architects and contractors ensure developments are technologically forward-thinking and attractive to the next generation of tenants. WIREDSCORE and SMARTSCORE helps all involved to understand, improve, benchmark and promote a building’s digital infrastructure.



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