Modular Construction

When a building is constructed off-site using all the same building materials and design engineering, the process is called Modular Construction. The building will follow the same controlled plant conditions and will be built to the standard of a conventionally built building in half the time.

Services Overview

Which is also known as Modern construction methods (MMC)?

The construction industry created methods with planning and design to reduce construction time, costs and maintain sustainability. These methods are called Modern Construction Methods (MMC).

Why do we need to build off-site?

Construction waste is a big issue. Working onsite is an imperfect environment, lots of waste will come from moving materials up and down building site along with protecting materials. The process is very repetitive, therefore, to standardise and modularise the process it is more efficient to build off-site.

Prefabrication Process

We are skilled in the fabrication drawings for any of your off-site needs and we can help integrate these into your project.


We are a practice of experts in off-site build solutions and MMC. We will collaborate with construction companies to build off-site facilities such as cylinder cupboards, fabrication, riser, corridor cassettes, bathroom kitchen pods, and service trench production We have experience in developments that have large, whole developments built off-site. Contractors’ fabrication detailing is a skill we have, which essential modern methods of construction.

Featured Project

Modern method’s build larger components offsite. In the case of Skanska’s ModernaHus project in Brixton, we collaborated in producing a building that was entirely built off-site, which was one of the first in the UK.

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