Photographic Verification

After capturing an image on-site, it is imperative to forward it to the OCDEA for thorough review and consideration. Whitecode have set up a secure online storage which is categorised inline with the photographic evidence to allow easy upload and review by SAP assessor. The assessor operates within a set of established conventions that determine the extent of their review, required actions, and potential consequences for failing to provide images during the construction phase (which may encompass components fabricated off-site). If an image depicts a modification to a specific detail – for instance, alterations in ground floor insulation – the assessor will need to reevaluate the SAP Calculations.

They will then update the Part L compliance metrics accordingly. Depending on the outcomes of this assessment, further adjustments may be necessary to maintain ongoing adherence to Part L regulations. In situations where a panoramic shot fails to provide adequate detail, there might be a requirement for additional close-up photographs. As Whitecode’s engineers are regularly on-site, we can ensure the expert provision of photographic evidence, to offer a stress-free and compliant process.

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