Part L Photographic Evidence Provision

Whitecode has a detailed knowledge of the new building requirements and provides services to support our clients’ ongoing compliance by providing the correct evidence as stated in Approved Document L.

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  • ISO 45001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • CIBSE Heat Networks Consultant

Approved Document Part L Volume 1: Dwellings has introduced a new requirement for photographic evidence to be provided to address the gap between what has been agreed in relation to a building’s energy performance as designed and what is handed over to the customer. Additionally, there is a requirement for a BREL report to be provided at both design and as-built stage, with the same aim of closing the performance gap. These rules are now in effect and apply to all dwellings in the UK. Whitecode supports developers with both the provision of BREL reports and photographic evidence in compliance with Approved Document L: Appendix B requirements.

Under the new rules, photographs should be taken at appropriate construction stages for the foundations/substructure and ground floor, external wall (for each main wall type), roof (for each main roof type), openings (for each opening type), airtightness and building services. While the photographs may be taken by anyone on-site, they must be of high quality and resolution to support the assessment. Furthermore, all photos must be plot-specific and geotagged to prove their location.

It is crucial that these requirements are met as a failure to comply will mean that further mandatory certifications such as Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) cannot be issued, without which a property cannot be legally sold. Organised documentation of photographic evidence is critical; particularly with regard to larger developments where the required evidence could easily amount to hundreds of photographs.

Whitecode offers the service of creating photographic evidence in compliance with Approved Document L: Appendix B requirements. Our OCDEAs (On-Site Domestic Energy Assessors) and SAP Assessors assume responsibility for issuing EPCs and BREL reports, verification and approval of the on-site photos and can also support the documentation of site-specific photographic evidence. Given our knowledge of the regulations and position as site experts, we can guarantee the submission of fully-compliant on-site photographs, ensuring a seamless verification process, with confirmation of approval within 48 hours of submission.

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