At Whitecode, we can procure quotations for the alterations of existing supplies, and can also arrange for any existing supplies to be re-utilised for a new development.

Our designated Stats Team have previously secured high level diversion quotations for large numbers of high powered and sensitive pipework and cables, owned by a variety of companies. Many of these existing service mains have criss-crossed sites, making them a logistical nightmare, and which have only been resolved through our attention to detail, careful liaison with all parties concerned and the commitment of our colleagues.

Services Overview

The Whitecode Group are experienced in a multitude of alteration works which have included petrol stations, existing substations, data centres, water basins, business units, footpath widening, tree pits and street furniture.

The Whitecode Group operates nationwide, however for smaller, lower value projects we usually limit our target location to London and the South East.

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