At Whitecode, we can procure quotations for the alterations of existing supplies, and can also arrange for any existing supplies to be re-utilised for a new development.

We are building services engineers, as part of our Utilities Consultancy service our expert engineers and statisticians will assess a building or site to provide you with a detailed load schedule report. Using the report, which outlines a building or site’s true load, we apply to the utility companies on your behalf. Many other utility service companies fail to carry out assessments which can lead to costly mistakes further down the line.

Services Overview

Providing clients with a complete engineered design service is what sets Whitecode Consulting apart from its competitors.

By understanding a client’s final objective, being able to offer early engineered design advice, and being able to apply to utility providers with the exact requirements, means that we provide our clients with a complete engineered design solution for their building or site.

We believe there is a need for the integration of building services design with utilities applications. Our holistic approach to this, is what defines us at Whitecode Consulting.

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