Network Studies

Network studies are required to determine if a local network will have the capacity to supply a new development.

Services Overview

We can reverse engineer a solution. If you want to install EV charging points, initially we would monitor the equipment you already have to see if there is spare capacity. We can then tailor a services design to meet your needs. This means that we only apply to the utility companies for what you actually require.

If a service upgrade is necessary, we can explain how this may affect you, for example, the cost of upgrading your equipment, special fit considerations, and riser size specifications. As experts, we understand how Building Regulations and Compliance impact plans. By providing a complete engineering service we cover all the bases with expertly engineered solutions.

If you are not sure what you are going to need from an electricity perspective (planners can potentially push their energy strategy onto you), our Sustainability Team can look at energy use, our Building Services Team can then look at the load schedule, then our stats team step in to apply to the utility companies for exactly what you need. If you need to apply for water, we can design a solution that accounts for everything from: the supply needed for the sprinklers; the interlinked fire, smoke, and Carbon Monoxide detection system that is mains powered; and the water supply requirements of the firefighting services.

We know how to expertly deliver all of these services and more because we pride ourselves on our linked services approach to designed engineered solutions.

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