Existing Utilities

At Whitecode, our team can obtain the existing utilities records for any site, in order to determine the location of utilities already in situ. Once received, these are analysed to determine whether diversions or disconnections are necessary, or whether any existing supplies can be re-utilised as part of the proposed new scheme, and to establish where new services can be connected to the local network.

Services Overview

A Whitecode engineer can be based on your site for as long as you need them, a day a week or more if necessary. This means you have immediate access to an expert – as soon as a problem arises or there is a query, our engineer is on hand to help. This isn’t just on our own projects; we can put an engineer onto other building services projects. We can help if a client isn’t getting the answers they need to keep work moving onsite. We can also be involved in the design process to query information ahead of the start of a programme of works to make sure there are no gaps in information.

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