New Services

New Building Regulations designed to meet the Government’s ambitious environmental targets will move us towards being a society that relies on electricity rather than gas. This greater load will only increase the need for the integration of building services design with utilities applications, and this is what we do best at Whitecode.

Services Overview

Getting more power is currently a challenge because the grid itself is already up to capacity. It is critical that Whitecode only applies for new supplies when they are vital to a project’s success. At Whitecode we are honest with our customers as to what they really need and when it can be delivered. Building too much flexibility into a design can be costly.

Whitecode Consulting operates nationwide. However, for smaller, lower-value projects we usually limit our target location to London and the south east.

Our specialist stats team can procure and arrange the following:

  • Existing utility records
  • Network capacity information
  • Flow and pressure test reports
  • Diversion quotations for existing supplies
  • Meter disconnection
  • Disconnection quotations
  • Temporary building supply (TBS) quotations
  • Budget quotations for new supplies
  • Competitive quotations from a wide cross-section of utility companies
  • Site level co-ordination
  • Resident engineers (Can this be linked to site-based services? – see below)

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