Building Endoscopic Survey

Building Endoscopic Survey

Is your building experiencing faults or issues that are difficult to assess due to the locality of the problem or fault? Our team of building services engineers are trained and equipped with the latest endoscopic equipment to locate building faults and issues in highly concealed locations.

Services Overview

Whitecode can save businesses time, resource and money by employing Endoscopic technology to quickly identify hidden defects without the need of compromising the buildings finishes.

The endoscope camera gives our engineers a precise image of the area under investigation, in order to identify potential defects within either the building construction or the services. These surveys can also be used to locate service routes, to ensure refurbishment or additional works will not affect existing services. As a consequence, this provides complete peace of mind for both the client and on-site contractors.


Our team has identified leaks and other faults situated within difficult to reach places such as ceiling voids and fully boarded and plastered areas. These included detecting water leaks within SVP Boxing, as well as identifying Sewage blockages and locating gas leakages with boiler flues.

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