3D Building Surveys

3D Surveys

We use the technology to produce a 3D scan of your building allowing you to have a dimensionally accurate, fully interactive model of your building which can then be viewed and accessed anytime, from anywhere in the world. The 3D models can be viewed using VR Headsets, computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Our clients use this service for asset management purposes; to have a virtual Operation and Maintenance Manual (O&M) that can be retained and referenced for years; they even use the model to showcase a project to potential clients.

Services Overview

Whitecode utilise the latest 4K 3D technology, in order to take a scan of your building which enables them to provide you with a fully interactive model. Previous clients have found this a valuable illustration that can be retained and referenced for many years. Our inspector will perform a brief scan of the relevant area/space and will then produce a dimensionally accurate model that you can access at any time from any location worldwide; this enables asset information to be added either by ourselves and/or yourselves at a later date.

Do you possess ALL drawings required for your site/building? Would you like some? Then this service can help!

Do you want to record any of the following?

The condition of a building on handover

Information for operation and maintenance

Health & Safety file

Then this service can help!

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