Thermal Imaging Survey and Report

Do you suspect that your building is suffering from thermal issues? Are you unsure where to start or how to identify building heat losses or overheating?

Services Overview

The Whitecode Group can help using our state of the art FLIR technology to conduct a Thermal Imaging Survey and Report. Within the Thermal Imaging Survey and Report, our engineers will interpret why a condition might exist and recommend a course of corrective action to resolve the issue or issues identified.

The findings from our Thermal Imaging Survey and Report could increase thermal comfort, reduce energy consumption and reduce your building’s carbon footprint. It could also have a positive impact on your building’s Energy Performance Rating (EPC).

The Whitecode Group have experience in multiple fields of Thermography applications, namely:

Electrical Thermography surveys can identify connections or plant which are running hotter than expected, potentially preventing a damaging burn-out or, at worst, a fire within the electrical system of your building. Our qualified engineers can open live panels in order to get the best results.

Building Thermography can identify defects in the façades of buildings, without the need for costly intrusive works. Our team of building surveyors are also qualified Thermographers, which enables them to spot any issues and provide you with an explanation of the possible cause and will then suggest all appropriate options in order to resolve these issues.

Aerial Thermography surveys are undertaken using our specialist Thermography Drone unit, and can quickly identify potential issues on larger sites.

Marine Thermography surveys can identify non-compliance with the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Regulations. SOLAS states that “no surface must exceed 220ºc”; as such, our team of building services engineers, who are also experienced Thermographers, can quickly identify areas which could potentially lead to a fire or premature failure.

The expert team of Thermography Engineers and Surveyors at Whitecode Consulting are all fully qualified and highly trained in the art of Thermography; this means not only can they provide a re-imaging service, they can also interpret why conditions might exist and recommend an appropriate course of corrective action to resolve the issues.

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