Building Services Survey

Building Services Surveys

Building Services is a highly complex subject, but we have experienced engineers who can identify your issue and recommend a course of action to resolve. A design or fault error that stems from a building services installation can be extremely costly. Potentially it could cause the closure of a workplace, and cause disruption to residents (in extreme cases residents may require temporary accommodation).

Services Overview

Whitecode Group has an impeccable reputation for designing and implementing building design services from conception through to construction. Equally, we have built an excellent reputation for conducting building services surveys. With senior and experienced design engineers, our clients can rest assured that their projects will be delivered to meet the building regulations and standards. Our team of building design engineers are focused and committed to delivering on time and on budget.

Whitecode Group’s inspection team can be appointed and deployed at anytime during the construction phase of a building. Typically, our team of inspectors are instructed to perform inspections in the following scenarios:

You require an inspection of a 3rd party building services design prior to proceeding with the construction phase. This is also referred to as a Design Audit Peer Review, click here for more information of this service.

You used a 3rd party company for building design services where the building services have been implemented, and you require a survey to ensure correct installation of those services were applied.


All Building Design Service Surveys conducted by the Whitecode Group, ensure building regulations are met.

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