Fire Engineering

Fire Engineering

Whitecode has detailed knowledge of the fire risks that buildings face and how to provide cost-effective solutions to eliminate them.

Services Overview

As well as being experts in creating safe and efficient building systems, Whitecode Consulting specialises in designing fire engineering solutions.

Fire engineering is the application of scientific and engineering principles, rules, codes and expert judgement based on the effect of fire and reactive behaviour of people to fire, in order to protect people, property and the environment from the effects of fire in accordance with BS 7974 section 3.17.

A qualified fire engineer must understand the nature and characteristics of fire, how fire originates and spreads, and how fire can be controlled. A fire engineer can use their expertise to make evaluations and highlight optimum preventive and protective measures necessary to limit the consequences of fire through design.

When it comes to creating a fire-safe building there are two paths to follow; code compliance - where you comply with necessary standards - or adopt a fire engineering design approach to BS 7994: Fire Safety Engineering. This standard is where fire safety engineering principles are applied to the design of a building. By using this standard it enables you to adapt code compliance with a more engineered approach.

This is exemplified by the following example. In relation to fire safety, a code may outline that a specific travel distance must be met. However, with a fire engineering approach, a more bespoke route can be taken. For instance, a travel distance can be extended, providing that the right measures are in place to compensate for the chosen amendment.

Ultimately, a building can be enhanced by adding additional measures within the fire safety criteria. This is particularly beneficial as in the code, it is not possible to account for each situation. Sometimes it is necessary to adapt an environment so it meets specific requirements.

With years of experience, Whitecode Consulting is able to provide fire engineering solutions for all manner of complex requirements.

Sub-Services Overview

  • Fire Consulting

    Whitecode can be bought in at any stage of your project to provide advice parallel to the current stage of works.

  • Fire Risk Assessments

    During the initial stages, from RIBA stages 1-2, spatial considerations are our key input to the programme. In the latter stages, negotiations with local authorities around any fire engineer solutions become our main focus. Once the site is in the construction phase we are on hand to keep a watchful eye on the installation and commissioning.

  • Fire Strategy Report

    At Whitecode, we provide a full fire design, from concept through to construction, with expert advice provided during occupation.

    We have a vast amount of experience in engineered design and support for both residential and commercial developments, conforming to best practice, and are focused on meeting client expectation.

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