Fire Design

Fire Strategy Report

At Whitecode, we provide a full fire design, from concept through to construction, with expert advice provided during occupation.

We have a vast amount of experience in engineered design and support for both residential and commercial developments, conforming to best practice, and are focused on meeting client expectation.

Services Overview

Typically, on new-build projects, fire safety can be assured from the outset as a project will go through numerous stages to ensure a building is fire safe.

However, with an existing building, it may be that a dwelling has to be modified to ensure fire safety. Retrospective action will be taken here, as previous fire safety may be outdated or contain flawed assumptions.

Care homes are one such example of the need for a fire safety report to be carried out. Care homes must have sterile escape routes. As they house vulnerable individuals, they must also be designed for phased evacuation.

What’s more, the fire provisions need to be updated, to ensure occupant safety. With years of experience, Whitecode Consulting is able to provide a solution to this issue, making recommendations or improvements and reviewing any provisions.

As an expert in building systems, Whitecode Consulting is able to close the loops that can get missed. We have a deep understanding of how buildings work in real time, not just from an engineering and system perspective but fire too.

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