Public Health Design

Public Health Design

At Whitecode, we provide full public health design services for water supply and sanitation that deliver safe and efficient systems for occupants, owners and the environment.

We have a team of public health engineers who tackle engineering challenges across a range of installations, including sustainability strategies, high pressure booster water design, fire engineering and swimming pools.

Together with our mechanical and electrical engineers, we provide integrated building services team.

Services Overview

By thinking beyond standard solutions, we shape performance-based systems that help our clients achieve their aspirations, from stunning design to ease of maintenance to LEED®, BREEAM.

Our drainage system design is helping to shape high-quality mixed-use spaces in 250 City Road with over 44 storeys. The apartments, hotel, restaurants and offices within this development are all sited within close proximity of each other, but our design gives them independent systems of drainage, ensuring that maintenance on one system will not impact on other tenants.

Likewise, our design ensures reliable water supply in projects such as the Baltimore Tower. This building is more than 150m above ground level, and there is a need to keep water pressures at levels typical in a building half the height of this one, in order to remove the need for installation and upkeep of specialist high-pressure fittings.

Sustainable by Design

The design of sustainable water management systems helps save water and the energy associated with its use.

Helping Deliver Change Through Debate

Whitecode helps shape the debate on public health engineering in professional and regulatory groups; our Directors sit on various committees in an endeavour to assist in shaping the changes for the designs of tomorrow.

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