Validation Surveys

If you own an existing building or are about to buy a building, you should consider having a validation survey conducted by our experienced building services team. Our team of engineers use the latest technology including ultrasonic equipment to assess how your building’s systems are performing, giving you valuable information that can save you money and downtime in the future.

Services Overview

Over time the performance of your building’s systems can diminish. We can compare it to a benchmark if there is already one in existence for your building or create a new benchmark. We tell you how the building is performing and if your systems have been well maintained. We can look at areas that are performing inefficiently and advise you on how best to improve their efficiency. We can predict performance based on our measurements giving you time to put capital funding in place for future upgrades. We understand building systems so we can advise when parts may become obsolete and equipment unserviceable, again, helping you budget for the future.

Many building owners are looking to increase the size of their building. We can advise if the system has enough capacity and what upgrades may be necessary. There is not always an automatic need for a whole new system. It is often possible to make upgrades in specific areas and use a building’s existing system to increase its capacity, saving money and the downtime that would be necessary to replace an entire system.

Some systems are inefficient because they have oversized and provide more capacity than is necessary for the size of the building. This will create a large carbon footprint for your building and cost you money. If the validation survey report reveals your system is oversized, we can advise how it can be reduced to make it more efficient.

As regulations and standards are continuously revised and updated your building may no longer be compliant. From fire safety to car charging, our experienced engineers can advise what updates need to be made to your building systems to ensure they are up to standard and futureproofed.

Commercial EPC energy assessments
On 1st April 2023 all rented commercial properties must hold an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of band ‘E’ or better, including properties where the leases are mid-term. Failure to achieve this will see landlords face potential fines of up to £150,000. Future proposals could see the minimum increase to band ‘C’ by April 2027 and band ‘B’ by 1st April 2030.

Our expert engineers can conduct an in-use energy assessment of your building so you can see how it is performing and provide you with an EPC rating. We can then execute a Validation Survey to look at how your systems are performing and where improvements can be made to improve your building’s energy rating.

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